Who Am I?

Someone said, “Sometimes we don’t know who we are until we almost become someone we’re not” and these words bring me to tears.

How long I have tried to hear what everyone else said I was…and then be that.

Pretenses. Hollow. Impotent.

I wonder who I am and how I can ever really know for sure, after listening to voices for so long.

Then I remember: Christ invites me to eat of His body, to drink of His blood, and does this not mean that His life becomes mine and I don’t have to worry about who I am, I just drink Him up and I am?

His grace is there for me to escape trying to be someone I’m not. Finally… finally… like David, I can take off Saul’s armour and take up the staff shaped for me. The simple shepherd’s bag.

And I can stand.


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