I’m not a farmer, nor a farmer’s wife. For the last eight years, in fact, seeing a living green thing was a marvel, a gift from God in the midst of white concrete, black asphalt, and yellow faces.

Asian city life.

But I think that I am finally getting the concept of cultivating. Particularly the kind mentioned in Psalm 37:4, “Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.”

The kind that finally surrenders to the circumstances and soil of life where God puts you and lets that soil cling to your roots, and you clinging to it.

Instead of always resisting, apalled at the dirtiness of the dirt.

Let it cling to you, yes even nourish you.

Dwell. Cultivate. Break up the fallow ground.

I’m learning.

Like my son says, “I see a change in you.” I can too.

For all those farmers out there, isn’t cultivating the start of a future harvest?


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