When You Crave to See God

Until she entered my life, I had no concept of what seeing God looked like.

Worse, my desire to see God in this life was little more than a glowing ember, a prayer for big moves of God and outpourings of His Spirit.

She taught me there is more, seeing God beneath the frail skin of everyday life…in the night wakings of a sick child…in piles of laundry and dishes… in preparing meals and in training hearts… in the world around me. And my embers came to blazing flame… hungry, desperate for glimpses of Him.

Someone asked her the question so many want to know, “How do you see God?”

In her poetic way she gives an answer, beautiful but no formula. No clear footprint to follow.

For days I ask “How? How?” I want to find the eyesight she’s found. Is it a simple matter of waiting for Him to restor sight to these blind eyes?

Then, in the middle of shuffling food to the lunch table, the answer breathes through my spirit, “Blessed are the … for they shall see God.”

What is that? Blessed are the what? The peacemakers? The pure in heart? Which one is it? I can’t wait for duties to allow for my lunch…feasting on this word.

I find it: “Blessed are the pure in heart…” (Matthew 5:8) That’s what she must be, only she would never claim it or even see it in herself. The pure in heart never do.

How does one become pure in heart? It becomes a burning question, the pathway to Beauty.

A study leads to Hebrews 12:14 “Pursue the sanctification that allows one to see the Lord.” Could this be the purity of heart? And I bet verse 15 ties straight in, “See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God.”

Do not fail to lay hold of God’s grace.


Could it be that embracing each moment’s grace imparts this God-authored sanctification? That the pursuit is for grace belonging to this moment?

I think so. It is grace by which we stand (Rom. 5:2) and my mind sits back, processing the wondrous truth again. And again. And again.

I’ve fresh motivation to pursue grace and embrace it…especially when body’s tired and mind’s numb and children press and checkbook screams warning.

“I give grace for this moment.” His words have become a foundation under my feet and I am learning they’re solid.

It is by receiving moment’s grace that His sanctifying Spirit has access to my weak places and creates a pure heart, something I could never do. And my spiritual eyes see Him.

Grace upon grace. The way and style of Beauty.