This One Thing

I’ve done it all.

I’ve been a professional career woman. A stay at home mom. A full time Christian worker.

I’ve been the church work horse, the do-gooder, the bookstore frequenter, the career pursuer, the podcast listener, the teacher, the blogger, the have-it-all-together-er, the pretender.

At first I thought I was making a difference. Being who I was and what God called me to be. Leaving something of value.

But one by one, thing by thing, the wells ran dry while the pursuit continued no end in sight. And there is no end to these things, the blogging, the working, the purchasing, the listening, the lists, the doing.

I began to ask, “Can I just boil it all down to one thing? And can I do that one thing well?”

Blessedly enough, the “one thing” became more and more clear, like a jewel being shaped from the rock, a holy calling in my soul.

My desire. My destiny. My purpose.

Truly a gift of GOd, to know your purpose, your “one thing.” Not just in your head or on paper, but in your heart.

After doing it all, I discovered mine.

It’s funny. For years I would have thought it must be about doing something for God and His glory.

It gloriously, most definitely is NOT.

It is simply to know God. (Is 43:10)

To understand the heart and character of the Everlasting God. Cannot imagine a more blessed and sacred purpose than that…and it is for me? Are You sure?

Perhaps if I had not experienced certain hard things in my life, this purpose would not have mattered so much. Perhaps if I had been accepted, included, loved… All I know is that I thank God for whatever He did in my life to make this matter.

“Delight yourself in the Lord…”

This is the One Thing. I have it, and it has me.


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