Dear Pops,

I am writing to say thank you for the son you raised and entrusted to me nearly 17 years ago. After giving us the van this weekend, Mr. Garrison told John multiple times that he wanted to write you a letter and tell you what a fine son you have.

Even asked for your address.

John and I talked about that, how that is probably the greatest a compliment a father- a man- can receive, someone asking, “Who’s your Daddy?” after meeting them.

So I give words of honor to the man who taught my husband how to be a man…how to fish and how to clean a gun and how to back a trailer. You taught him how to be a father, how to be fearless, how to stand up for someone weaker. You taught him how to work hard, how to value his word, and how to help with the dishes.

I have watched your son walk in integrity when it cost him, when no one else was looking.

I have watched your son cry man tears for the sake of another when no one else cared.

I have watched your son stand fearlessly and confidently. I have seen him tested and come through true. I have been passionately and undeservedly loved by your son and I’m a different person for it.

Your son has marked the lives of people all over this world…and one man voiced it for us all, “Son, who’s your daddy?”

That would be you, Pops. Thank you for a fine son, Pops, a loving husband, a devoted father, a world changer.

Our hats are off.



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