Finding Your Love Legs

What he did hurt and what they did hurt worse and I believed I couldn’t be loved. So I decided I wouldn’t be silly or sappy…if I couldn’t be loved then I decided I wouldn’t need love.

Silent, dark day.

For years I walked this path, burrowed in deep and forged ahead. I laughed at those who were vulnerable to love. I didn’t need it.

I was successful in my chosen path and I took that as proof that I’d made a good choice, an indicator that everything was going to be okay.

Then, like He did to Jonah, God sent a fierce storm into my life and “every man called on his god” and I found that the god I was serving wasn’t the God I thought I was serving and my need for Love-God was unveiled and my path wasn’t the one that led to Him.

I was exposed, tossed overboard.

Horrid, blessed exposure.

But Love cords drew me, knew me, and invited me. God is a God of infinite chances. And when Love beckons, you lift face up and feet follow and you find your legs.

I began learning new habits. Like an injured body relearning to walk, to eat, to live, I began re-learning how to live again… how to live when Love is yours.

~~Letting go in order to stand in Grace

~~Giving thanks to develop eyes for Love

~~Anchoring in Truth to find freedom

I can only share my story. I can only point to Truth who is Love. I can only say, “Don’t give up seeking Him who is Life and Love and does not withhold any good thing from those who love Him.”

Press in, my friend. Press into Jesus.


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