Finding the Truth about Yourself

Monster machine roars to life, sending little ones screeching and scrambling with their imaginations.

Just as well. Time is getting shorter and to-do list still stretches.

In my rush, I push monster too close to toy-with-long-cord and machine belt snatches up cord and motor slows and I smell rubber burning.

Off goes machine, unplugged for safety, and sure enough, toy-with-long-cord is doomed and so is my time. I pull, first on one end of Cord, then on the other.

Cord doesn’t budge.

Before I can go further, Husband is there, stopping what he is working on for me. To free the cord and save both the toy and me.

I let him do his magic while I rush away to finish putting away the towels.

It is only when Monster roars to life again that I think of it. “Thank you,” I tell him.

“You are my #1 priority,” he says, and I know it without the words.

For 17 years it has been this way… most of them with me not relishing, not appreciating, not embracing and receiving nourishment. This love that has poured out and into me, that has lavished me wildly.

Later, when Husband and son run to grocery for one more can of pure pumpkin and a pack of Pull-Ups, they bring back a gift for me: a perfect poinsettia.

I cannot get over its crinkled, silky leaves and exquisite buds. I marvel and remember what He told me time before last when I received roses.

He thought of me as He made this plant. He rained on it, shone on it, caused it to grow, all with me in His mind. I think about this and I know that I am loved.

Yes, I have experienced rejection. Abuse. Neglect. I have believed I could never be loved.

Finally, I have been given eyes to see Husband who loves lavish and passionate…of son who delights in choosing perfect poinsettia for momma…of Maker who wastes nothing on me.


I ponder these things and I know.

I am loved.

This Thanksgiving, I give thanks for perfect poinsettias.

Loving Husbands

Doting sons

Strong arms that never let go

Feasting before the Lord

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Friends to feast with

Chances to help and bless others (We chose a  new child today!)

Grace that lets down easy

Goodness that says “no” so there can be a greater “yes”

Thank You, my God and Creator


One Comment on “Finding the Truth about Yourself”

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