Mouth on Fire

I feel the Rock beneath my feet and drink in His fresh waters. I sense His confidence becoming mine. I’m sure of the path I take.

Then I open my big mouth and suddenly the waters are muddied.

Time after time of doing this makes one reticent to speak at all. Especially when others are listening.

Oh how I long to speak as the mouthpiece of God. Why is it so hard, this taming of the tongue?

And yet does He not ask, “Who will go for us and Whom shall we send?”

He is looking for mouthpieces.

And so it is back to the Presence of the Holy One I go, because it is in encountering Him that Isaiah’s lips were purified. Mine need it too, which means I need to see the Lord High and Lifted up. I need to linger longer in His presence, instead of getting my confidence and rushing away before the purification is complete.

Will I rush out trying to be His mouthpiece, attempting to speak His oracles without first bending the knee and submitting the mouth to His fire?

It is only after the purification that Isaiah received the message to speak.

So be it for me. So be it.


One Comment on “Mouth on Fire”

  1. I also came via Sarah Mae’s blog, and I am honored to read your words today. They struck a deep chord in my heart and even made me cry. I hope that your new flow of readers will not intimidate you into being anything more than yourself. I will pray that the fire will burn hot and fast for both of us and that our hearts will always remain yielded to Him.

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