He stands in the shadows and beckons.

For a moment, I think surely it was just the branches of my life momentarily resembling Him.

But no. No, there He is, moving in and out like light, a whisper one stretches forward to hear.

He is whispering an invitation…

It’s only heard in the stillness,  only revealed when sought after.

I lean in, pursue Him softly, as if I could scare Him away.

I’m on holy ground.

He won’t reveal much. A glimpse here, a breath there. He wants this pursuit, this wooing, this leading out. 

He wants this pumping blood and rising passion.

Does He ache like I do? Does He long for consummation?

As I run after Him now, following Him to His abode, His character, His nature, His essence, I see just how far He came to meet me in those shadows…

…how far He came to whisper. to beckon. How far He traveled and how long He waited for me to be still and notice Him, the Desire of man’s heart.

It makes me run faster.

I run until I can’t run and collapse in a heap of words calling. Of course He knows this.

“Show Yourself to me. I have nothing apart from You. And You, YOU, are the One who taught me that. You who gave me eyes to recognize You from the shadows, ears to perceive Your sweet breath of Wonder, desire to forsake all to gain You.

You birthed all this in me.

You, WONDER!, have laid hold of me.

So come consume me with Your essence. Burn me up until all that’s left is that which You breathed into me.

Here in this wilderness, out of sight, away from the makings of man’s pride, the skyscrapers to self, have me.

Have Me.

And I’ll be only Yours.

I’ll learn from You the ways of love. I’ll learn the Divine Dance.

I’ll become Your reflection.


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