Snow Grace

I wake up to a blanket of white outside my window, the first- and probably only- of the winter.

The timing is God.

Because yesterday there were angry words spoken, words that hurt and accused, words that leave marks for a long time.

They stir up things that enemy would keep stirred up, would keep alive. Even today, after words of repentance have been spoken, enemy is there stirring up old feelings of worthlessness. Condemnation. Exposure. Doubt.

But that white out my window…it reminds me of other words: “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow.”

My sins are as scarlet. I am worthy of angry words. I am worthy of far worse. I can never make all my wrongs right.

But there is hope for me yet.

For there is a God who spoke other words and His words are truth and didn’t He send the snow all night while I slept to make sure I remembered them?

I am terribly unworthy…but ring-from-the-rafters-news! His love isn’t based on worth!

So I will kneel again. I will embrace His love for me. I will stand, fully assured in His intentions towards me. And I will reach, doing my part to lay aside the old and press on to His upward call in my life.


Just today, for tomorrow is not guaranteed. This sinner will be saved by grace like snow.

“Behold I make all things new.”


3 Comments on “Snow Grace”

  1. Becky says:

    I found you about a week ago via Ann’s website over at a Holy Experience. Thank you for this gift…this gift of Snow Grace. I need these words, too. This year is the Year of Grace for me. I ask myself after so many years of living and breathing in it, in Him, if I really get it. This year I am on a treasure hunt for the faces and facets of Grace. And you, dear Arabah Joy, just gave me a jewel. Thank you.
    We might get snow tomorrow. It’s a rarity here, too. I hope we do. I’ll see the face of Jesus in it and know that you are there, too.

  2. Renee Stam says:

    Seeing snow I have the same reminder of God’s beautiful sacrifice for us, how we are forgiven!!! Thanks for the reminder

  3. Thinking Snow in my community with a reminder of His grace. Thanks.

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