God Surprises

I knew I was in trouble when I got in the truck with them.

This was not the way things were supposed to go. I was supposed to go visit the new family with my husband. The two ladies were supposed to go visit Amber on their own.

Instead, I was with the two ladies going to visit Amber and what was more, I was to head the visit up. I was the one they were all counting on.

I told them to be ready to present the way of salvation, to be sensitive to what God wanted to do. But I never intended to be the one doing it.

I got in the truck and they chattered away.

I was silent. I was praying.

“Lord,” I prayed, “I know I’m a missionary and I should know how to do this and everyone else thinks I do know how to do this, but you and I know the truth: I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t know why someone like me has been entrusted with such a precious message and without You, I will ruin the whole thing.”

We arrived at Amber’s house and I wasn’t relying on myself…but I wasn’t sure my feet had found their confidence in God either. I didn’t feel confident.

She welcomed us in, this woman who has been attending our Bible studies.

We chatted for a minute or two and then I asked the question. “What is God doing in your life? For you to be coming to ladies group, God is doing something and we’d like to help however we can.”

I’m not sure how it all went from there, but she was open. She responded. We talked about the way God works and how He provided for us in Christ.

She told us she had never given her life to Christ and we talked some more. We talked about reasons not to believe Jesus, the costs involved, what it really means. Then I asked her, “Is there anything that is preventing you from giving your life to Jesus?”

“No,” she said.

They turned to me, expecting me to go through the scriptures and lo and behold, I hadn’t even brought my Bible!

We all laughed at the surprises of God, me most of all.

I didn’t have my reading glasses either, and couldn’t make out the words on the page, so I just handed my companion’s Bible to Amber and told her where to turn and she read the truth for herself and cried over the free gift of God.

Amber prayed, joining in this circle of women. She confessed Jesus as Lord of her life and I wondered at how easy it is to go from life to death. How difficult but how easy at the same time. How faith comes by hearing and hearing happens when there is one to share the truth and we each are sent to do that.

Because it started with Him. He authored salvation, made every provision necessary for it.

He desires salvation for a lost world. Let’s make it more real: He desires salvation for that lost neighbor. It is from this birthed desire that He sent me, each one of us. He has given us of His authority and His presence and all we need do is go. We need not make anything happen. He’s already done that. “It is finished.”

We just need go.

Lord, we will. We will.


One Comment on “God Surprises”

  1. Renee says:

    Praise God, His plan are good!!!! Don’t you just love God’s sense of humor 🙂

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