Faces to Son

The storms move in and camp out and all week long the kids and I press faces to the window, looking for rainbows.

“The conditions are right,” I tell them.

And when the rain pauses, we run outside and search the skies like we’re on a treasure hunt.

We are.

We see billowing dark and low moving gray and patterns in the clouds. Every now and then, we see the majesty of the sun, faithful and steady, peeking through the dark.

We never do see our rainbow.

But what we see is that when our side of the world faces the sun, it’s always day. Even when the skies are dark and there are no rainbows.

“I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me will not walk in the darkness…” John 8:12

Today I’ll turn face to the Son. With Him, it’s always day.


2 Comments on “Faces to Son”

  1. Becky says:

    Well, here I am again commenting two days in a row. But I must…compelled. Still sitting here in a bit of wonder daze.

    I had a few minutes while my coffee was cooking this morning. Opened my email and “Faces to Son” was sitting in my Reader. My eyes started skipping down the words. They caught a bit at your treasure hunting. You see this year is my treasure hunt for Grace. I’ve used those very words to describe it to myself. I like a bit of adventure (smile).

    That niggling began inside of me. Thoughts racing quickly through, barely time to take up residence. “This isn’t going to happen again?… Two days in a row.”

    But it did. My eyes filled with tears when they landed on His Words from John you quoted. Light of the World. This is my Name of God I was randomly given from our Woman’s Night in Prayer a couple of weeks ago. This is the verse on the front of the card with His Name on it.

    I sat in this verse yesterday as I recalled Joseph’s story.

    The tears? It’s the wrapping of Himself around my heart. It’s the treasure gift He just gave me. The wonder. How He loves us. How He loves to surprise us with the unexpected in the unexpected ways. He knows how much I needed this.

    Thank you for sharing from your heart, Arabah. You gave me a cup of cool water in a dry land. Thank you…again.

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