Easy Peasy Family EV

Ever since my oldest could talk, he was sharing the gospel.

It wasn’t something we taught him and I often wondered how it happened~ smiles ~ but then I realized he was simply saying a handful of phrases that my husband and I constantly shared with others ourselves. Things like, “Have you ever heard of Jesus before?” and “Do you believe in God?” and “God exists, He really does!”

As missionaries in a communist, atheist country,  we always sought to open spiritual conversations with everyone we could. Sharing Jesus was a way of life.

Then God blessed us with 3 more children in 23 months and things changed. Suddenly, I was at home… ALOT. And my girls weren’t getting the exposure to sharing Jesus that my son had. They weren’t seeing me being missional and I missed it!

What to do?

Click here to read about a fun, simple idea that you can use too!


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