31 Days to Clean (Arabah’s Take)

I figured out yesterday how many homes we’ve lived in since we’ve been married.

Over the past 17 years, we’ve moved on average every 11 months. That’s not counting temporary residences, which happen at least once a year.

{Can you hear a big, huge sigh of exhaustion?}

Yes. So when we talk about homes and things, I go into “pack up and move out” mode. The adrenaline starts flowing and I don’t particulary care for the feeling.

I don’t even have photos on my wall anymore. Coffee tables? No. Holiday decorations? No.

{We prefer holiday celebrations that are edible. Ahem.}

So it’s no big suprise that along the way, I sort of gave up on trying to keep a super clean home because really, is it worth it? But I have noticed that having a clean home really helps my spirits and keeps me energized (plus it’s good practice for the kids to help clean.)

So I thought I might have more success if I had someone to coach me through this thing a bit at a time and Sarah Mae’s ebook looks to be just the thing. Here’s the deal: each day’s task is DOABLE. You don’t take on an entire room in one day. You take one little piece, like dusting the tops of cabinets and fridge one day and steam cleaning the bedroom carpets another.

I can handle that.

Plus, you have Sarah Mae’s jazz to get you going. She’s your personal coach 🙂

Each day she talks about things common to us all, like personality and how to make it work for you, laziness, priorities, feeling overwhelmed, and the like. She includes the $25,000 piece of advice given to Charles Schwab and surely it’s worth a try?

So the bottom line is…I’m joining in on the May challenge. This little e-book is a great tool and doing it in community with other women is even better! There is plenty of time for you to join in too! You can get the book here and join the challenge here.

Maybe it will even inspire me to hang a photo or two?

Um, I’ll let you know…


3 Comments on “31 Days to Clean (Arabah’s Take)”

  1. Christin says:

    Look forward to having you, friend! 🙂

  2. Renee says:

    sounds like a great ebook 🙂

  3. Patricia says:


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